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Bevy Hotel at 101 Herff Rd, Boerne, Texas - ongoing display with many large, metal works of art!  A must-see!!
Helotes Gallery ,  14391 Old Bandera Rd., Helotes, Texas, on-going display.

RiverARTober 2023 in La Villita, San Antonio. Oct 7-8, 2023.

Facebook: Mark Holly Photography - ​this is where I often present new work which helps me decide what to print
Kerrville Arts & Cultural Center (KACC), ongoing display in gift shop.  One man exhibit in July 2019, Derby Gallery.
River Art Group Gallery in La Villita, San Antonio.
Justice Center in Bandera, Texas.- ongoing display.

Home Studio - in Boerne, Texas contact me using "Reach Me" to setup an appointment.  Available most days.

RiverARTober2022 in La Villita, San Antonio. October 1-2, 2022.

TheArtistsofSan Antonio Fine Art Show in Helotes, Texas.  March 2023

MasterArtworkShow, Bevy Hotel (Double Tree by Hilton Hotel) in Boerne, Texas.   April, 2021.​

*** Running Slide Show on the Home Page is updated frequently. These works may not be found in any of my Galleries. on this website

I have made prints up to 8 ft plus so if you are looking for LARGE artwork, I can usually accommodate.


​Mark S Holly Photography

           Mark is primarily a fine art photographer and digital artist.  His work fluctuates in the boundaries between high-definition photographic realism and impressionism and abstraction.  His photography gives you a sense of being "in" the location yourself as if you could reach out and touch elements in the scene.  His digital art is often considered edgy with bold colors, unique shapes, forms, and compositions.  Look for small elements of realism often hidden in his abstracts.  This ability to create interest in everything from the real world to the highly abstract has garnered him numerous awards, magazine covers, and articles. etc.  One of his shots was chosen as being of the top six weather photographs of 2017 by Shutterbug Magazine, an international publication.

Some of Mark's favorite subjects are beautiful Texas Hill Country landscapes as well as interesting architectural settings.  He draws his inspiration from the changing seasons and their impact on the Hill Country landscapes—from fall colors and immense fields of vibrant wildflowers to dry arid, almost desert-like conditions. that can occur.  His appreciation for history has generated several trips to timeworn, mostly European locations which have moved him to shoot a series of old doors, windows, and buildings. etc.  

Mark's mediums of choice often match his desire to create unique, new, and edgy artwork matching today's environment.  He uses everything from the highest quality rag art paper to canvas and acrylic.   Most recently he has been creating metal prints using the enhanced process of heat and pressure to turn inks into gas, which are then absorbed into the metal rather than simply printed on the surface.